I think that you have a wonderful product!  I have selected your hardware on countless projects and have always been pleased.  Your team of people are delightful to work with and very accommodating.  I think that you have the best selection when I am looking for a holdback too.  I also use your aluminum rod when I have extraordinary widths to cover . Thank you very much for all your support through the years!  God Bless!

I have used Le Fer Forge hardware for 10 ++ years as a designer, drapery fabricator and installer.  Number 1 is their customer service! That makes or breaks the company no matter how good the product is.  The delivery time is wonderful and they always work with you on tight timelines; with no up charges!  The product is very well made.  Every part is so solid and you can feel the difference in it all being hand forged and finished!  The very seldom problems that I have had with either product or shipping have been handled by people who truly care about their product, their jobs and about the customer most of all!  They have what I call "true character".

Just did a big job with your company with Vicki.  She was very helpful.  She did a great job for me.  It was a pleasure doing business with your company because of her. I got the e-mail telling me my rods shipped.  I want to thank everyone for getting that done for me.  You made my life easier.  I think your rods are going to look great in this hotel.

You all are the BEST!  Thank you so much.  You can be sure I will sell your product as much as I possibly can.  What great customer service!

Everything I have ever purchased from you was excellent and your sales representatives are very helpful and polite.  Thank you.

I just wanted to thank you for the extra effort in getting our customer's job finished for us.  We got the rings and rods on Friday and had them all sewn on the drapes and ready for pick up this morning.  We couldn't have gotten them done without your help.

I own a small drapery workroom on Cape Cod.  The designers I do work for generally ask me to handle the hardware.  When it involves metal I have only one vendor Le Fer Forge.  The selections are broad enough to fill any and all needs required by the trade.  The choice of shapes, textures and finishes has easily filled all my client’s needs.  In the years it has been my pleasure to have done business with Le Fer Forge.  Their staff has returned every phone call, answered every fax and correctly filled every order.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our recent hardware order for the Player project.  I know I asked a lot of you in a short period of time and truly appreciate all of your efforts in getting the hardware to us on our schedule.  We received the batons and the replacement end caps today.  They couldn't have come at a more opportune time as our installer will be back on the site this weekend. My sales representative had told me what a great company yours is to work with and you have kept him true to his word.  I know there were some glitches, but even through those you worked hard to make this a successful job for all of us.  Thanks again for your beautiful product.  Everyone is very pleased.

As a designer for over 15 years and appearing and winning Designers Challenge on HGTV, my work is only as good as the vendors I use. That is why I consistently turn to Le Fer Forge for my iron work.  Their commitment to quality is highly respected.  Their ability to provide custom items for projects is most desirable.  I have worked with Le Fer Forge for several years and will continue to place their hardware.

Just wanted to send a note telling you how impressed I am with your company.  This was the first time I had used Le Fer Forge'.  You had been recommended by another workroom here in town, and she has been purchasing from your company for many years now and raved about your products and your customer service.  Well, I have experienced that first-hand!  You all have been WONDERFUL!  I had a very high-end client that I really wanted to impress and was a little nervous about using a custom wrought iron company that I'd never used before, but am so happy I did!  Not only was the ordering process very easy (thanks to you and your staff!), but the product you produce is excellent!  The client I was dealing with was nice, but difficult to please and you bent over backwards to ensure she was happy!  You made my job relating to my client so much easier because you were willing to do "whatever it takes" to meet her expectations!  This level of customer service is EXCEPTIONAL and I will DEFINITELY be working with you all again in the future!  Thank you to the whole Le Fer Forge' team for making my job (and life!) easier and for producing such an excellent & beautiful product!

I have never been disappointed!  I just call Vicki and she helps me figure out all the hardware I need to get the job done from the simplest of windows to the more complicated bay windows and custom hardware.  My clients are always happy with the ease of the traversing hardware.

I have to say that the Le Fer Forge traversing rods are fantastic.  I used them on my last job; about 16' of traversing, split into three, mounted over 10' high.  They work beautifully.  My client loves them.  I like the way they roll; very smooth.  The panels were silk with blackout and interlining and they moved like they were feathers.  I ordered a 2" diameter rod.  I like them because they are aluminum, so the weight is much less than iron rods.

Through the years we have used Le Fer Forge Drapery Hardware on many projects where we needed professional grade hardware with a unique selection that the other companies could not match.  The finishes and the variety of different brackets, finials, and rings make it easy for us to use Le Fer Forge because we can always find a solution.  Our installers always prefer we specify their hardware as all their brackets are easy to install and are strong enough to support even the heaviest draperies.  There have even been some occasions where Le Fer Forge has gone out of their way and custom built special brackets to help us solve issues with other brands of hardware.  We would highly recommend Le Fer Forge to any window treatment company because their service and products are the best.

Thank you for your outstanding customer service and for your quality products.  I absolutely love your unique Con-track system with the bypass brackets and so does my client!  Many thanks.

We've been purchasing decorative drapery hardware from Le Fer Forge for over 10 years.  It has been a pleasure to work with them.  They've been extremely helpful in solving our custom hardware needs.  The product is well made, with a great selection of sizes, finishes and finials, at a reasonable price point.

We install lots of outdoor drapery and it blew me away when we installed one of your products.  It is great hardware and I wish more of the designers I work with here would use it.  I recommend it highly and particularly for exterior use.

Thank you so much for your conscientious assistance.  A few months ago I had terrible customer service with Brand X rodding.  I am glad I am back and will never do that again.  :-)

I have been very happy with the service and product supplied by Le Fer Forge Drapery Hardware.  I have used their rods for several outdoor projects at a country club.  They looked great (even four years later) and the members loved the look.  I love the custom finishes and the chunky large rods!

Of all the drapery hardware suppliers that we order from one name consistently stands out as providing an excellent product, priced fairly, and shipped in a timely manner – and that name is Le Fer Forge! Since 1998 they have supplied us with stock items as well as custom-made pieces.  They have pulled us out of some tough spots by producing and delivering when needed even if it seemed an impossible task. My hat’s off to the staff at Le Fer Forgè!

I have been a client of yours for several years and I have to say it has been a pleasure to do business with your company.  You have  excellent quality product that ships VERY quickly.  The finishes are wonderful and they are consistent as well.  Your customer service has always been cheerful and willing to help... all in all I think you do a wonderful job... keep up the good work!

I will gladly endorse your company and your product!  The product is well made, offers great selections and finishes and the staff are pleasant and most helpful in assisting me with my orders!

Every client of mine that has used Le Fer Forge hardware has been very extremely pleased with the fine design and craftsmanship of the rods and other drapery hardware.  The selection of finishes gives the client a broad base to choose from and they are distinctive and custom rather than having the assembly line look available in the retail stores.  I would recommend them highly as I use their rods exclusively.  I’m a very happy customer.

The client finally saw everything during Thanksgiving, her text to me was " the drapes and rods are beyond beautiful, I am very pleased"  It was gorgeous, your rods and the finishes are like nothing else on the market.  The installer is a personal friend who has been in this industry most of his life and he even commented on the quality.

Le Fer Forge is a real pleasure to work with.  I know I can trust Chris and his team to have my best interests at heart.  They review my orders carefully, find my mistakes and question anything that seems amiss.  That's in addition to their fabulous hardware and right-on finishes.  And yes, they're green too.

Thank you for the good work.  Le Fer Forge has made specialty custom drapery hardware for my projects in the US and off shore without a hitch.  You have followed the specifications and made adjustments for particularly challenging installations easily and quickly, always with beautiful results.  I look forward to working with Le Fer Forge on future projects.

Le Fer Forge has always been a pleasure to do business with.  All orders are filled in a timely manner and I can't ever remember having remakes (which is not always the case with some other businesses).  They are very customer service friendly and it's always a pleasure to talk to whoever answers the phone.

Thanks for getting back to us.  For your information the hardware was used in a restaurant here in Atlanta called Canoe.  Unfortunately during the recent flooding much of Canoe was under water.  We are helping them replace some interior panels that they use to divide a room.  Your hardware works GREAT.  An eleven foot rod (that was under water for a few days) is still functioning perfectly.  I like guys who make a good product and help us little guys out.

I have been working with Le Fer Forge for a number of years and cannot say enough good things about their product and customer service.  Their attention to detail is impeccable.  They deliver on time and they have a superior product.

I would like to personally let you know that working with Le Fer Forge has been such a pleasurable experience.  From Vicki, who provides impeccable customer service to the custom manufacturing department that answers any questions or concerns I may have. My business caters to high-end clientele who expect quality products and Le Fer Forge supplies me with nothing but top-notch drapery hardware and accessories.

Le Fer Forge is the best custom drapery hardware company I have worked with in my thirty years in the window coverings industry. Their customer service is incredible.

I have been ordering from Le Fer Forge for many years and they are still my go to supplier for custom metal drapery hardware. From their ever expanding selection to custom specified hardware and finishes, they are the best.  Always friendly and efficient customer service as well. Thank you Le Fer Forge.