Why us?

What is the thought process that controls why we make our purchasing decisions? Habits and thought patterns are ingrained into the core of our personalities. We are on autopilot. According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of our purchasing decisions occur in the subconscious mind. Emotions are what drive purchasing behavior and decision-making in general. They feel our way to reason.

When you work with us, it’s about the relationship. In any personal or business relationship, emotions play an integral role. We are a heart-based manufacturer aligned with your feelings. Together we have our ups and downs. It’s how we relate to and help each other through the challenging times. 

Find value through our creativity, solution-based thinking and empathy for your deadlines. We’re obsessed with details. Our founder is logical, practical and systematic in his approach to life. He puts in 100-hour workweeks to ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s about a job done right no matter the sacrifice. His never-say-never attitude and insatiable drive to serve are contagious throughout our staff.

We’re different because we care. This place isn’t just about making cool stuff out of metal. Hold our drapery hardware in your hands and feel the difference that love and passion create.

You can purchase drapery hardware anyway. Let your emotions choose between the apple and the orange.