May 2019 continues to be a year of peace, prosperity, and health. Prosperity ceases to exist without our health. The President of our company knows all too well what it is like to lose almost everything. Many years ago, money, work, and poor lifestyle habits came first until he fell ill. Getting sick can be a wake-up call. It was a gift that gave him a gift to understand illness and a passion to help others. Adversity can help us to rise above our limitations. It can also push away the indoctrinations that do not serve us. Start today to take better care of yourself.

Speaking of adversity, looming tariffs on metals are scheduled to fall upon us yet we vow to not pass on these price increases. We manufacture our drapery hardware but our poles are proudly extruded by mills here in the United States. The mills’ costs will increase because their raw materials come from overseas. As an American manufacturer, We are not against an imposed tariff if it leads to more manufacturing jobs. Many manufacturing companies are seeing the benefit of bringing business back to the U.S. which is referred to as back shoring or reshoring.

Many distributors and importers of drapery hardware have preemptively raised their prices across the board for 2019 anticipating the tariffs. We disagree with this opportunistic approach and believe the solution is to hunker down and become even leaner. As a small company, we understand our customer’s needs and will continue to produce any sized order efficiently and without bureaucracy. When a five-star hotel needs hundreds of rooms completed in a flash or when you have a residential job that has an urgent deadline, we take ownership and find a way to deliver.