The history of astronomy paints a fragile picture of the balance life relies upon in our Universe. Without this balance, life would cease to exist. We are all connected on some level which makes some wonder how our thoughts and actions affect others. Man does not hold all of the answers and we may never fully understand our purpose. As complicated as humans can be, perhaps it’s our differing beliefs that help to create and maintain a balance. How peculiar would it be if we were all alike?

We truly believe that selfless giving is an important part of maintaining a balance. It must be pure and genuine for it to foster its greatest benefit.

“Giving without wanting may well be the single most powerful characteristic humans possess to create positive change. Until I lost my health, the value of conscious giving was not understood, let alone practiced.” – Chris Scarano, President

Our less than perfect journeys have taken us to a place where it’s not just about us anymore. We are creatures of community on this Earth to serve others. Granted Le Fer Forgé is not saving any lives by manufacturing drapery hardware, but we do genuinely care about serving our customers. Ethics, responsibility and honesty enrich not only our lives but also the lives of those around us. Money and material objects should in no way negatively affect our happiness and success, nor should they make us who we are.

Nobody can argue the fact that there is nothing more important than our health.

This year we will be proudly announcing our support for The Human Restoration Foundation. Their mission will be to offer a free universal education on the management and resolution of health conditions. Chris Scarano’s education will feature many aspects and belief systems passed down from wise, logic-minded successful doctors of the late 1700’s and 1800’s. The education is for anyone seeking better health, no matter their preexisting condition.

Without raising prices, Le Fer Forgé will donate a small percentage of their profits to help anyone that may be suffering. We look forward to announcing more details as the year unfolds. There is no need for you do anything other than to continue purchasing our drapery hardware. Again, our prices will remain the same.

As always we are grateful for your loyalty and support.