What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small data file that cryptographically establishes an encrypted link between a website and your internet browser. This link ensures that all data passed remains private.

How can you tell that our website is secure and encrypted? 

Notice the “s” after http in the address bar. 

If you do not see this then click on the address bar for it to appear.

The technology that powers that little “s” is called SSL(Secure Sockets Layer).

Now you know what to look for to protect your privacy. If a website address only begins with http with no “s” then you cannot trust that your activity is protected on that website. Information that you enter on unsecure websites can be intercepted by a hacker.

One of the most common ways a hacker can steal your information is for them to place a small, undetected listening program on an http(without the “s”) website. The program waits in the background until you type information. Your information is then sent back to the hacker.

Another way to verify if a website is secure is to look out for the padlock icon.

Since our Le Fer Forge Drapery website is encrypted with SSL, nobody can see or access what you type including your payment information. You can click on the padlock to read more information about the website and the company that provides the security.